Luxury Nail Fashions

For a very long time, artificial nails were considered a status symbol among noblewomen. The trend began to spread across Europe in the early 19th century, when upper-class women began to wear pistachio shells over their nails to accentuate their look. Meanwhile, women in Egypt wore nail extensions that were often made from Gold and Ivory as a status symbol for the elite class, as these materials were available only to the wealthy. By the 20th century, artificial nails were widely popular all over the world. It is now a beauty trend that will, perhaps, never go out of style. The alluring need to have the perfect set of well-painted nails is now more than ever. The mesmerizing shades, shapes, patterns and embellishments never fail to catch the eye. Unlike the olden days when artificial nails were symbolic of a luxurious lifestyle, various nail trends have now taken over all sectors of society in different parts of the world. It’s a trend that appeals to one and all, and a fad that will never get old. 

Perhaps, the only downside to acquiring a gorgeous set of nails is the long hours spent at a salon, sitting in a fixed position as a technician does your nails. Too exhausting, too tedious! Cannot handle! Thus, we at Empressnails, decided to bring the nail makeover home to you. 


Founded in 2019, the primary idea behind the creation of the brand was the view to provide the perfect DIY well-manicured-nails look quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home. These luxury press-on nails were introduced with a vision to help our clients achieve the desired look within a span of a  few minutes at a cost way less than a traditional salon manicure. With nail sets priced at as low as Rs. 600, Empressnails aims at reaching out to every one who wishes to experiment with various types of nail looks; be it a simple, chic and modern look, a night-out look or a bling bridal look with gems and nail piercings. 

As a brand that caters to clients all over India, our goal is to pamper you with the best of the best. With over 150 nail art designs to choose from, Empressnails offers a vast variety of nail looks ranging from shapes such as square, oval, stiletto, almond and coffin, to textured and untextured nail styles that include glitter nails, matte finish nails, gel and french nails.  Our premium range consists of a beautifully studded bridal nail art collection that includes a range of glossy, metallic, marble and printed nails. 

While we do not customize nails as per length (all nail sets have a standard length), our clients follow a simple filing procedure to shorten their nails to a length that best suits their requirements. 

Luxury Empressnails must be used with glue tabs that are provided with each nail set. These glue tabs help the nails stay on for a good 6-8 hours. The Empressnails Strong Bond Glue must be used to provide a strong hold that can last for up to 14 days. We strongly advice against attempting to remove the nails before a period of two weeks to protect the nail bed from any form of damage. 

For effective artificial nail removal, nails must be soaked in warm/ hot water for a duration of 15-20 minutes to ensure safe and easy press-on nail removal. 

While all our standard nail sets are provided with Empress Glue Tabs and Empress Cuticle Oil, the premium range of nails includes the Empress Strong Bond Glue. 


Benefits of Press-on nails:

Artificial nails provide versatility in terms of shapes and designs.

These luxury press-on nail sets help conceal broken and damaged nails. 

They help prevent the yellowing of nails, which is often an unwanted side effect of certain kinds of nail paints and low quality press-on nails. 

Application of the nails provided by Empressnails is a quick and easy process that can be done from within the comfort of your own home in a few minutes. 

It is the perfect option for those who dread spending hours at salons after a tiring day at work. 

Empressnails can be filed as per the length of your choice. 

These nails provide the desired natural look at a reasonable and very affordable price. 

Empressnails are the perfect option for all working women, and new moms who have to constantly care for their children as these nails can be quickly and conveniently applied and removed. 


Tips to Keep your Nails Smooth and Healthy 


Don’t forget to be gentle with your nails

Nails are very delicate, and treating them in a rough manner could damage the nail bed or cause the nail to separate from the skin. Aside from being painful, this could also lead to severe skin infection. 


Avoid Breakage 

Maintaining short and round nails is easier and also helps avoid regular breakage.


Cut Your Nails Some Slack

Remember to give your nails some amount of rest in order to help them repair and rejuvenate. Constant use of stronger glue bonds can cause dryness of the nails and also, turn them yellow. Therefore, remember to give your nails a 4-5 day break after every two weeks of wearing Empressnails. 


Tweak Your Diet 

Just like any other body part, our nails benefit from a healthy diet, too. So make sure to add the required amount of vitamins and supplements to your lifestyle. Since nails are made of a protein called Keratin, adding the right amount of protein-rich foods to your diet plan can help keep nails strong and clear. Also don’t forget to use our organic cuticle oil on your nail beds to give them the care they deserve.


With easily attainable nail makeovers, Empressnails is the perfect option for all those who wish to experiment with stylish looks on a regular basis at an affordable price. As women, we tend to focus on styling our outfits and accessorizing our looks with the perfect bag, a stylish pair of shoes, the perfect shape of sunglasses, and hair accessories. But why stop there? Accessorize your nails to match your outfits and pamper them with endearing nail looks only with Empressnails. Remember, we care for your nails. 

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