Color of the season

‘Tis the season to be jolly falalalalalalalala. With the jingle bells season on its way, most of us are going all out in an attempt to attain the perfect Christmas attire to fit the very holly jolly festive vibes. From the cutest hats and beanies, to the latest collection of bags and boots, and the hairstyles in vogue, we are leaving no stone unturned to feel the Christmas cheer. So why leave your nails behind?
As forever nail color lovers, we’re seldom shy of the classic reds or the bright pink shades, ‘cause who would mind a gorgeous, smooth-as-butter red polish? What’s more, throw in the slightest bit (or a whole lot) of shimmer and we’re good to go, right?
So if, like us, you’re someone who adores everything nail color and press-on nails related, here’s a few brilliant press-on nail shades you can experiment with this holiday season.
(Lazy peeps, this one’s for you!)

1. The ‘evergreen’ Reds:
Classic reds with a variety of twists- we’re talking shimmer, glitter lacquer or just the old-school solid shades of Red, will go a long way in lifting your mood by adding a dash of color to any basic outfit.

2. Go Gold:
Gold and glittery nails scream festive vibes. Plain or metallic gold has been a default go-to shade for so many of us, be it a festival or wedding vibes. Classic Gold press-ons can instantly glam up the look with the least amount of effort, and go with almost any outfit.

3. Radiant Rose Gold:
A simple yet elegant shade of Rose gold can be worn to accentuate any outfit this Christmas season. Be it athleisure wear or a formal dinner look, Rose gold press-on nails can, in no time, make any occasion subtle yet sophisticated by bringing out the radiance this color has to offer.

4. The Hues of Blues:
A choice of glittery blue press-on nails is a perfect selection for a Christmas or New Year’s gathering. If you, like us millennials, are someone who prefers the bold look, we’d say, look no further. A darker shade of Blue, or a Purple even, is all the heaven you’ve been searching for. When paired with the perfect set of hand accessories and a simple-yet-elegant clutch, these shades never fail to bring out the radiance and beauty in your look.

5. Roses are Pink:
Don’t we all look pretty in pink? This festive season, bring out the pink fairy in you by opting for one of the brighter rose pink shades. Sparkly rose press-on  (in any shape or size) is sure to add to the Christmas cheer like no other. So, if you tend to shy away from the darker, bolder shades, a Rose Pink could be a good place to start.

6. Go Green:
While this might not be for the subtle ones, a green nail color is both, bold and exotic. If you have the confidence to be different and try something you haven’t before, choose to go with an ‘evergreen’ Green shade and try your hand at experimenting with some added gems and stones to amp up your press-on nail look. Wanna glam it up a tad bit more? Feel free to throw in some finger rings to give your nail look a classy finish.

Christmas is almost round the corner and we’re as excited as you are. So head over to our online store and shop from a variety of festive press-on nail looks you’re sure to love. We’re regularly upgrading our collection to meet all our adorable clients’ needs and requirements. So this festive season, let Empressnails be your one-stop-shop for all your Christmassy nail looks.
And remember, whichever winter shades you decide to go with, make sure to check out our previous blog article to help guide you through a healthy, nail-friendly, at-home manicure that will help keep your nails happy, healthy and strong this winter season.

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