Glacier Ombre

Glacier Ombre

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Why waste 3-4 hours in a salon on your nails when you can spend that valuable time with your loved ones.

Introducing Empress luxury press on nails.

With a vision in mind to save valuable time and to give better results than a traditional manicure, We launched Empressnails, A collection of luxury press on nails.

Now get your nails done in minutes instead of hours and save a ton of cash to spend anywhere you like.

1. Apply glue or gluetab on nails.

2. Keep it pressed on your nails for about 10 seconds and VOILA YOU ARE DONE !!


Glacier Ombre press-on ombre nails from Empress Nails come in a pretty shade of peach that gradually fades into white towards the tip. Coated with glossy material, they make your nails look shiny. Some of these nails are decorated with shimmery crystals that come in varied colors of yellow, white, and blue. The long stiletto nails with a mesmerizing ombre tone and the shimmer indeed represents the beauty of glaciers!


A set of luxury artificial press on nails.

☆ 24 nails per set 
☆ Free delivery all over India
☆ Our Glacier Ombre are reusable as by adding glue tabs or using our nail glue. They can be easily removed by soaking off in warm water and ready to reapply after removing the previous glue tabs from the back of the nails.
☆ All sets are sent in a beautiful gift box.
☆ Check out the how to apply video on the homepage for more details.