Nails Care Tips During The Winters

Flaky, dry, itchy skin with uncontrollable cuts, and cracked brittle nails? Winter season might be the most wonderful time of the year, but do you know how much damage it can cause to your skin, hair and even the nails?

Dry winter air causes a loss of moisture from our skin leaving it cracked, bruised, itchy, and sometimes even painful. While there’s nothing one can do to change the way our bodies react to a change in weather and dry air, there certainly is a lot we can do to make sure our skin and nails stay healthy and protected in order to avoid extreme damage.

Stated below are a few effective nail-care solutions that have been personally tried and tested by our Empressnails team to help our clients get through the rough winter season while protecting their gentle skin and nails:

Hand Lotions

Winter season can successfully manage to zap moisture making the skin dry, and painful. This harsh weather also causes the nails to chip or crack. Hence, it is imperative to treat yourself to lotions, not just for the face and body but also for the hands and nails. Glycerin-based hand-and-nail lotions help keep the nails in check by protecting them from the unpleasant effects of cold air.

Cuticle Oil

Daily life activities can get exhausting, not just for the body and skin but also for the cuticles. Unlimited exposure to the cold weather, soaps, detergents can be harmful for the cuticles and nails. Thus, we strongly recommend the use of highly effective cuticle oil that not only moisturizes your cuticles and stimulates nail growth but also helps restore them by preventing further damage.

Confused about an effective and highly moisturizing cuticle oil that will fit right within your budget? Head over here  to get your Organic Cuticle Oil by Empressnails now.

Regular Nail Trimming

The regular practice of nail trimming can help prevent them from chipping which can sometimes result in painful cuts in the nail bed, and unwanted ingrown nails that can cause excruciating pain and damage to the nail and cuticle. So make sure to keep that nail clipper close. 

Harsh Products

As one cannot avoid the exposure of their hands to harsh products like hand soaps, detergents, sanitizers and acetone on a regular basis, switching to a skin-friendly, moisturizing handwash would be a healthy choice to make. While one cannot abstain from the use of sanitizers in today’s time, we recommend regular moisturization of the hands and nails to avoid the weakening of the nail texture due to the high levels of alcohol content in sanitizers.

Wondering about a good substitute for the harsh acetone you very often expose your nails to?

Consider trying our acetone-free nail polish remover pads. They are designed to help users maintain clean and healthy nails while retaining a smooth texture. What’s more, there’re absolutely budget-friendly! Get it here 

DIY Nail ‘Masks’

Yes, we’ve all heard of face masks to soften, brighten and smoothen the delicate face skin, but have you ever wondered about nail-care masks?

Well, you’re in for an Empressnails treat! 

1) Homemade Oats and Honey Hand Mask

Take equal parts of Oats and Honey (1:1)

Mix well and apply on nails, skin around the nails, and hands, too.

Let sit for 7-10 minutes before gently rinsing it off with warm water.

These ingredients are naturally nutrient-rich and will leave your nails and hands feeling softer, nourished and hydrated.

2) Naturally Scented Oil Soak the Empress Way

Add a few drops of any naturally scented essential oil like Lavender, Rose, Coconut, Olive, Vitamin E or Argan Oil in a bowl.

Choose the oil that has the most calming effect on you. Essential oils are known to boost mood so “essentially”, you’re in for a win-win ;)

Soak cotton balls in the oil, place them on your nails and wrap your fingers in foil paper. Let sit for about 7-10 minutes before unwrapping freshly soft butter-smooth and happy nails :)

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