Caring for your nails

The primary function of nails is to protect the edges of the fingers and toes from the intensity of any hurt or trauma that may be caused to to them. Nails also help indicate the general and overall health of the body. Nail layers are made up of a protein called Keratin, which helps generate the cells that are responsible for forming the tissue present in the nails. This protein also protects the nails from severe damage by making them stronger and more resilient.

Basic nail care:
While there are a number of signs that reveal the health of nails, basic nail care plays an important role in maintaining healthy nails.
While we are accustomed to caring for our hair, skin and appearance, most of us tend to ignore basic nail health and essential nail care which are important to keep them free from infection. Hence, we decided to list a few signs of healthy nails, and tips that can help you care for your nails better, especially now, when the world is in a state of frenzy due to an unending quarantine and perpetual state of lockdown.
Stated below, are a few signs of healthy and unhealthy nails for our clients and readers to know their nails better.
Signs of healthy nails:
A pinkish-white nail color
Visible cuticle
Prominent Lunula, which is a half-moon shaped white area at the base of the finger nail.

Signs of unhealthy nails:
Breaking of nails as a result of a vitamin deficiency or dryness
Swollen, red and painful skin around the nails due to excessive biting of the cuticles
A nail shape resembling a spoon could often be a sign of Anemia, an iron deficiency in the blood.

Nail health is essential in daily life. It is imperative we treat our nails and care for them like we would our skin and hair. Since salons and nail studios might not be opening their doors anytime soon due to the unforeseen lockdown, many have been left confused about how they must care for their nails. Hence, we, at Empressnails, have decided to bring to you tips and tricks to help you keep your nails healthy, glowing and fresh with our basic manicure technique that can be done within the comfort of your own home.
Regular manicures improve blood circulation and help get rid of the dead skin cells with gentle exfoliation and daily moisturizing techniques.

What you require:
Choose from a variety of nail extensions from our website at starting prices as low as Rs. 699/-
Nail paint remover or warm water for nail extension removal
Nail clippers
Small bucket or tub to soak your hands
Gentle body wash and scrub
Nail brush
Your favourite moisturizer
Nail file
Cuticle nipper
Empressnails cuticle oil
Warm water

Get started with a manicure the Empressnails way:
Old paint, go away:
Get rid of your nail paint using nail paint remover. Incase of nail extensions (make sure to get rid of them after a period of 14 days to avoid any damage to the nail bed), soak your nails in warm water for 15-20 minutes to ensure easy and safe removal of extensions.

Shape those nails:
After nail extension or nail paint removal, soak your hands in warm water to soften the nails. This makes it easier to cut and shape them. Do not skip nail buffering using a buffer to smoothen and even out the rough edges and nail surface post filing.

Yes, more soaking:
After cutting and filing to your desire, add shampoo/ body wash and soak nails in a hot water tub for 4-5 minutes. Avoid over-soaking to prevent cuticle and nail damage.
Gently take your hands out of the tub and place them on a clean towel. Begin scrubbing your hands with a refreshing body scrub to rid them of any dead skin cells, and scrub the nails with a gentle nail brush. Wash and dry hands.

Trimming the Cuticles:
With the help of a cuticle pusher, push the cuticles enough to be able to trim them. Carefully nip off the edges using a cuticle nipper. Remember to cut the hang nails from the side of your freshly filed nails.

Deep Moisture:
Use your favorite hand cream or lotion to moisturize the hands and nails. Gently massage into skin till it is absorbed completely. Apply the Empressnails cuticle oil to moisturize the nails and attain a shiny and smooth finish.

Stick-on Nails:
Apply your favourite shade of nail paint or even better, choose from our vast range of the Empressnails collection of press-on nails. Just make sure to allow the cuticle oil to be absorbed completely in order to ensure sturdy application of the Empressnails Glue Tabs prior to the application of the nails.

Quarantine makes caring for yourself difficult, but do not let your undone nails wear you down. Choose from a variety of Empressnails collection to make your nails feel fresh and look attractive throughout.

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